Announcing the Dojo Wisdom for Writers Book Club!

One of the delightful things about bringing Dojo Wisdom for Writers back into print is that I can do something I have wanted to do for years–and that’s to start a Dojo Wisdom for Writers Book Club!

When DWW (as I call it for short) first came out, I learned that small groups of people across the country were getting together to read lessons and talk about how they could apply them to their writing lives. This time, I’m going to spearhead an online book club for writers, where we discuss the lessons and encourage each other to take whatever steps we need to achieved the writing career of our dreams.

Starting next Wednesday, September 25, we’ll be meeting here to discuss one lesson per week. Every Wednesday, I’ll post about something I’ve learned from the lesson that isn’t in the book, and I’d love it if readers would chime in with their experiences, thoughts, and plans.

If you have the first edition of DWW, you can certainly use that–some of the material has been revised but all of the lessons themselves remain the same. Otherwise, please pick up either the ebook or the print version of DWW (here’s the Amazon link. For PDF or epub versions, try here.)

I hope you’ll join me next week as we get started!


Dojo Wisdom for Writers, second edition, now available!
Catch a Falling Star (by Jessica Starre) and The Matchmaker Meets Her Match (by Jenny Jacobs), two of my favorite novels.

And don’t forget classes for writers—and more on writing at

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