About Jessica Starre

Jessica Starre has spent her whole life imagining things that couldn’t possibly happen, and has been pleasantly surprised when some of them have.

So, one day after Jenny Jacobs and Alicia Thorne were born, I started working on a paranormal romance about a merman and a NYPD cop. This was not a sweet romance – Jenny was all, “You used the word fuck. I cannot believe you would do that.” And it wasn’t erotica – Alicia was all, “Yeah, there’s sex, but not enough. MORE SEX.”

And I said, “Let’s just see what happens, everyone,” and they rolled their eyes and wandered off. So that was A Certain Kind of Magic, which is an important book for me because I knew what the hell I was doing by then and I did it.

But Jenny was like, “You can’t put my name on that!” and Alicia was all, “WhatEV” so I turned to my daughter and said, “I need a new pen name.”

And she said, “Jessica is a beautiful name,” and I was like, “Wow, your name is Jessica! You think my pen name should be Jessica, too?” And she said, “Of course!” and then I said we needed a last name, too.

“We love to wish on stars!” Jessica (not me, my daughter) said. “We will call her Jessica Starre!”

“That sounds like a porn actress,” I pointed out and Jessica wanted to know what porn is, so I said, “And it’s ever so lovely.”

So there you go. So far Jessica Starre has written: