ASVAB for Dummies (with Sgt. Rod Powers)

By Jennifer Lawler

Packed with practice questions and proven study tips

Get fully briefed on the changes to the ASVAB and sharpen your test-taking skills

Want to ace the ASVAB? This essential guide provides a comprehensive review of all test subjects and covers the latest updates, including the new short-length ASVAB and a new sample of the Armed Forces Qualifying Test. You’ll discover the pros and cons of the paper and computer exams, which tests are important to your military career, and cutting-edge study techniques.

  • Understand the test’s formats
  • Prepare to take the ASVAB
  • Improve your study techniques
  • Memorize key concepts
  • Conquer the subtests
  • Compute your scores
  • Match scores to military jobs
  • Maximize your career choices