Dojo Wisdom for Mothers

By Jennifer Lawler

In Dojo Wisdom and Dojo Wisdom for Writers, black belt Jennifer Lawler illustrated how anyone can use the lessons of the martial arts to enhance their everyday life. Lawler discovered the wisdom of the dojo was never more powerful than when she faced her biggest challenge: becoming a mother. Here, she presents down-to-earth lessons such as “your beliefs should guide your parenting strategy” and “fear prevents joyful parenting” to help new mothers balance the demands of child rearing with having a fulfilling personal life. Filled with lively anecdotes and stories from her experience and that of other mothers, Dojo Wisdom for Mothers provides guidance that women can use to develop their own parenting strategy and teaches them how to trust their instincts. Insightful and heartfelt, this is every woman’s key to relishing the joy that comes with motherhood.