Kickboxing for Women (with Debz Buller)

By Jennifer Lawler

Whether you learn how to kickbox on your own or through classes offered by experienced instructors, a book for home study is a useful tool for improving your skills. While you can, of course, benefit from material written for men, it is even more useful to have information written wiht you in mind. Some of the challenges that women in sports face are not faced by men, and the inherent skills that many women have – speed, agility and flexibility – are often overlooked in traditional reference books. Kickboxing for Women corrects that problem. It covers all the essentials of learning kickboxing, and it includes tips especially for women. It contains information helpful to beginner, intermediate and advanced kickboxers and covers principles, techniques and drills for the fitness kickboxer as well as the professional kickboxer. Numerous photographs illustrate the techniques so that you can practice them. A resource directory helps you find equipment, supplies and other like-minded kickboxers.