Second Acts

By Jenny Jacobs

When former B-movie actress Maureen Haines’s barn burns down, she fears the worst: her scientist husband, Gary, has finally gone too far with his crazy experiments and it has cost him his life. But after firefighters fail to uncover Gary’s body amid the ruins, Maureen’s panic turns to bewilderment. It seems Gary has vanished. But why?

Within hours of the fire, Maureen has another problem on her hands: the media. Because nothing brings out the vultures like a former celebrity’s personal crisis. The cameras descend in droves, led by none other than Steven F. Miller III, a tireless paparazzo and Maureen’s former lover. She’s convinced this nightmare can’t possibly get worse… until she begins receiving mysterious threats. Suddenly Maureen must face the possibility that there is something bigger—and more dangerous— than a tabloid scoop at stake. She knows only Miller can help her uncover the truth. But at what cost?