Sadie’s Story by Jenny Jacobs

Sadie's StorySadie’s Story by Jenny Jacobs

When businessman Jordan Blaise walks into Sadie Rose Perkins’s bookstore, she’s hoping to sell a book, but she’s ready for anything, including an adventure.

Or so she thinks.

Then he asks her to pose as his wife-to-be so that he can convince his dying mother that he’ll have the happily ever after she has always wanted him to have. Even Sadie isn’t prepared for the adventure falling in love turns out to be.

Second Acts by Jenny Jacobs

Second ActsSecond Acts by Jenny Jacobs

After becoming the target of an obsessed fan, B-movie actress Maureen Haines turned her back on Holly wood for marriage and a quiet, small-town life. Happily resettled in the the midwestern countryside, she thought she’d finally left the insanity of stardom behind.

She was wrong.

Because when her scientist husband vanishes in the wake of a suspicious fire, the media vultures descend en masse. And front and center is none other than Steven F. Miller III, Maureen’s former lover. Desperate to locate her husband and hounded by the press, Maureen is convinced her nightmare can’t possibly get worse . . . until she begins receiving threats that feel eerily familiar.

Suddenly Maureen must face the possibility that there is something bigger–and more dangerous–than a tabloid scoop at stake. There is a killer on the loose and ony Miller can help her hunt him down . . . but at what cost?

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts by Jenny Jacobs

Cold Hands, Warm HeartsCold Hands, Warm Hearts by Jenny Jacobs

When Char Simmons’s ex-husband disappears while their daughter, Abby, is struggling with a serious illness, Char is angry and upset — and knows enough about why he might be missing to also be afraid. Hoping to stay out of whatever trouble her ex-husband has gotten himself into, Char brings Abby to a  lake home in northern Minnesota to recover. The “lake home” is an isolated cabin in the remote, snow-covered woods, and Char is determined to do everything she can to make it a safe refuge for herself, her daughter, and their little Pomeranian.

Her determination is shaken when she meets Max Wilson, a federal agent on leave, who finds out that Char’s ex-husband is under investigation. Though initially suspicious, Max ends up helping Char and Abby untangle their problems so that all of them can reach their happily ever after.

Love by Design by Jenny Jacobs

Love by Design by Jenny Jacobs


Tess Ferguson has a weakness: taking in strays. She’s a seamstress with big dreams, but she’s also a single mother with more practical matters on her mind. When Tess’s sister (and boss) Greta, an interior designer, is laid up after knee surgery, Tess must be her go-between with Michael Manning, the sweet, sexy owner of a carpentry business. Though Tess is attracted to Michael’s calm, quiet strength, she’s convinced he’s just one more stray destined to cause her trouble.

Michael is drawn to Tess, whom he finds warm, open, and likable. But her curiosity and persistence in asking questions he doesn’t want to answer threaten his hard-won peace. By burying himself in his work, he can forget about the shacking death of his wife and unborn son–and the unhappy secret she left him with.

Though Michael and Tess try to ignore their growing attraction for one another, sparks begin to fly as the two tackle a joint project that has the potential to make more than just their careers.