Classes for Editors

Classes and Mentoring for Editors

This fall, I’m offering a few “anytime” classes and coaching opportunities. That means you pick when you start. Please get in touch with me at if you have any questions.

How to Perform a Manuscript Assessment (for fiction)

Every freelance editor loves getting those emails that start, “I’m looking for someone to edit my book.” But what comes next can determine whether you make a fair fee for your work or if you’d have been better off taking that job at McDonald’s.

No working editor has time to read the entire manuscript of every potential client who reaches out. But unless you know how to determine if the manuscript is ready for editing, what type of editing it needs, and how long the editing process will take you, it’s likely you’ll price your service incorrectly, take on work that isn’t ready for editing, or otherwise create unnecessary complications for your editing business.

In this one-on-one class, you’ll learn how to perform a manuscript assessment under the instructor’s guidance. Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up for the class, the instructor will send you a lesson covering the basics of manuscript assessment. Then, using either a manuscript the instructor provides or one you provide yourself (perhaps a friend’s or client’s), you’ll perform a manuscript assessment. You’ll send your written assessment to the instructor. Then the instructor will provide feedback (within ten days of receiving the assessment from you). You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the feedback. The class is designed so that you can take it more than once if you desire.

There are two versions of this class, one for the instructor-provided manuscript and one for a student-provided manuscript. The instructor-provided version is considerably less expensive since the instructor is already familiar with the developmental problems in the available manuscripts.

If you choose the student-provided version, please note that you’ll need to provide the instructor with either a Word or pdf version of the manuscript so that she can do her own manuscript assessment and use it to provide feedback on yours. All such material is kept strictly confidential and deleted once the class is over.

Note: Please do not sign up for the course until you’re ready to do the assessment; you’ll only have a week from the time of enrollment to turn in the assessment.

Sign up for this class here:

Manuscript provided by instructor class: $50

Manuscript provided by student class: $200

Critique of Your Edit

This opportunity is designed for editors who offer or would like to offer developmental editing services for fiction—whether for independent authors, publishers, book packagers, or a combination of client types. An experienced mentor will review work you’ve already completed (a full manuscript line edit plus edit/revision letter) and will offer feedback on your work.

If you struggle with developing a cohesive revision plan, aren’t sure if your queries are as effective as possible, feel you’re spending too much time copyediting and not enough time developing, or would just like to make sure you’re employing best practices, you may benefit from this process. Simply sign up for the class, review the checklist the instructor will provide, then submit your edited manuscript and revision letter to the instructor. She will return her assessment within two weeks of receiving your edited manuscript.

(Note: If you would like the instructor’s guidance as you perform a manuscript edit, that can be arranged as a separate class. Send a note to for further information.)

Critique of Your Edit: $250

Editor Coaching

For a limited time, I’ll be testing a new mentoring opportunity for editors and aspiring editors. I call it Ask Me Anything!

Of course the “anything” should be related to editing concerns, whether the craft of editing or the business of editing. (And do note that my particular strength is in developmental editing. Though I have long experience as a copy editor, I do much less copyediting these days than I used to.)

Coaching for editors can include a review of marketing material, help solving a client problem, critique of edits, and more. Sessions can be done over the phone or by email. My fee is $100 per hour. Once I know your area of concern, I can provide a time estimate (most take 1-5 hours).

Get in touch with me directly at and give me a sense of what your problem is. I’ll let you know if I can help and if so what the next steps are.