Classes and Coaching for Editors and Writers

“[Jennifer’s classes] gave me the confidence to become a developmental editor.” – Crystal Holdefer

All classes are online and asynchronous – you don’t have to be in a particular place at a particular time.

Finish Your * Bootcamp

Just $25! Runs November 1 through November 30, 2018

Where * is any project you want to finish, such as revising your novel, sending out queries, or even cleaning out your garage.

This is an accountability bootcamp that helps students identify and resolve roadblocks to finishing their * and to develop habits that will help them now and in the future.

Each week, I send out information about tackling issues such as resistance or self-doubt and we have class discussions about them.

However, the focus of the class is on the accountability portion—knowing you’ll be reporting your progress to others helps people stay on track.

Students share their goals for each week, report their progress, identify stumbling blocks, and brainstorm solutions under my guidance. Click here for more information.

Writing a Woman’s Life

Enroll at any time!

Writing a Woman’s Life is an ongoing class for exploring your life experiences through writing. The cost is $49 per month.

Each week, I will provide writing prompts, suggestions for working on craft, and examples of my own process—you’ll see me writing and revising my own work.

Students who are interested in sharing their work with others and in offering mutual support will be able to do so in a Slack workgroup. However, this is not required.

Each month (every 30 days), I will personally critique a piece of your writing, up to 2,000 words (for longer pieces we can work something out).

You will not be automatically enrolled in a subscription but will re-enroll each month, as you choose. Click here for more information.

After NaNo: Making a Plan for Your Book

December 3 through December 23, 2018

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) can be a fun (or stressful) (or both) way to commit to writing your novel. But getting the first pile of words down is only the start.

The most common question I hear from writers who’ve finished a draft of a novel is, “Now what?” Sometimes they think the next step is writing query letters to find an agent, or checking out their self-publishing options, or closing the manuscript file and never looking at it again.

But none of those things is the next thing. The next thing is to make your story better. This might meant to make it more appealing to readers, to make it more appealing to editors/agents (not always the same thing), and/or to make it more closely resemble the vision you started with.

Click here for more information.

Self-Paced Developmental Editing for Nonfiction

New! Start anytime!

This eight-lesson class covers the basics of performing developmental editing on nonfiction writing (shorter-length and book-length).

Immediate feedback is provided through answer keys for each assignment. More details here. Cost is just $59!

Individual Mentoring for Editors and Writers

“I hired Jennifer Lawler to critique my novel manuscript, and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent for writing help. I’ve gotten feedback from friends and family but I needed someone who knew the world of authorship/editing inside out. If you need someone to help improve your novel, Jennifer is the one.” – Linda Formichelli

If you’re struggling with an editing, writing, or publishing-related problem, I may be able to help. Just drop me a line at stating your main concern. If you don’t know what your main concern is, that’s fine, too! Just reach out.

I’ll respond with some potential ways we can address your needs along with time and cost estimates. Mentoring can be done by phone or email.

For editors: I offer personal feedback on all aspects of developmental editing, including as manuscript assessment, building your business, effective client communication, and more. I also review manuscript edits and revision letters and give feedback.

For writers: For years, I’ve coached writers to publication, whether through traditional means or self-publication. I offer manuscript critiques, query letter and synopsis critiques, evaluation of your first three chapters, and more.

“I had several a-ha moments while reading Jennifer’s thorough, clear-eyed editing critique. I came away with concrete, actionable advice that I have already started using with my current project. Jennifer’s critique will make me a better – and more confident – developmental editor.” – Kristen Tate