Mini-Class: Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor

Starting Monday, January 21, 2019

Two-week class
Sure, you’d like to think you’re good at your job, but if you’re a freelancer, you don’t have a boss or coworkers giving feedback about your performance. If you work primarily for indie clients, your clientele may not even know what effective editing looks like. What if there are better ways to do your work?

In this class, we’ll talk about what we mean by effective editing. We’ll identify the characteristics of an effective edit. Every editor edits differently, but some approaches produce better results than others and we’ll talk about why this is.

You’ll learn how to assess your own work using self-assessment tools, ask colleagues to share effective practices, and solicit feedback from clients. You’ll also learn how to read an author’s revision for clues to your own effectiveness.

By the end of class, you’ll submit an evaluation of your own edits plus a plan for any changes you will make to improve your outcomes. I’ll reply with my personal feedback.

Until December 15th, tuition for this two-week class is just $49. After that, the regular price of $79 will apply.

To enroll in this class, use the Paypal link below. If your browser doesn’t like the link, feel free to Paypal the fee to me at Don’t forget to include your email address! If you’d prefer to pay some other way, drop me a line and we’ll work it out.