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About Coyote’s Poison – Releases April 17, 2018!

Jennifer Lawler – Bio

Unlike her protagonist Lily Gilmartin, Jennifer Lawler does not have an evil ex-husband, a psychopathic cousin, or a bomb-making father, and for this she is grateful. Also, she is not in hiding from any bad guys although there is that one friend whose calls she tends to duck.

She has worked for many years as a freelance book development editor on a wide range of editorial projects for traditional book publishers as well as independent authors—everything from cookbooks to memoir to paranormal romance to thrillers. This is where she learned what little tact and diplomacy she possesses.

A few years back, she launched Crimson Romance for Adams Media (now Simon & Schuster), overseeing all aspects of acquisitions, editorial, and production. And boy howdy wasn’t that a time. She has also worked as a magazine editor and made promises to keep her mouth shut.

She is the author or coauthor of more than forty nonfiction books and novels, including her popular and award-winning Dojo Wisdom series (Penguin). She has written a number of romances including a volume of accidental erotica, which paid well enough to inspire her to write intentional erotica.
Once when she thought writing for a living was a pain in the butt, she got a job as a literary agent and soon ran sobbing back to writing for a living. An inveterate know-it-all, she has taught in the biomedical writing program at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, the copyediting program at the University of California – San Diego, the well-respected Loft Literary organization in Minneapolis, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and, in the dim and distant past, the English department of the University of Kansas.

She earned her Ph.D in medieval English literature from the University of Kansas and a black belt in Taekwondo at approximately the same time. She hasn’t quite decided which has been more helpful in her career. She lives in the Berkeley of the midwest (Lawrence, Kansas) with her daughter Jessica, a glass artist. She enjoys meditation and kicking people’s asses. Recently she took up fencing, which combines both practices.
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About Coyote’s Poison

What if your enemy is the only one you can trust?

Lily Gilmartin is a former grifter gone straight. Maybe. Lily has one life rule: You’ve got to look after yourself because no one else will.

Alejandro Hernandez (Alex to everyone but his mother) has been ducking trouble ever since he made the mistake of trying to help an old friend.

When her past comes calling, Lily must run (call it Plan A). But she crosses paths with Alex, who wants to know why she seems to be on the side of the people who wrecked his life, and Plan A goes badly wrong.

Plan B, which Lily would really rather not do, is to pull off the most dangerous con of her life.

Backed, or maybe betrayed, by a group of Alex’s old friends, Lily and Alex must find a way to do two things: stop the man who wants her dead, then thwart the more dangerous man who wants her back—before anyone can discover the secret she abandoned her soul to protect.