Query and Synopsis Class for Novelists — Starts June 13!

Getting Past the Slush Pile:

Writing an Attention-Getting Query and Synopsis for Your Novel

Starts June 13, 2016!

You’ve finished your novel. It’s as perfect as you can make it. Now it’s time to find an agent or a publisher. To do that, you need a query letter and a synopsis. If the very thought is enough to make you archive your novel for about six months, you’ve come to the right place.

In her four-week Getting Past the Slush Pile e-course, Jennifer Lawler – a novelist who is also a former fiction acquisitions editor and a former literary agent – will show you the ins and outs of writing a query and a synopsis that will help your novel get out of the slush pile and into the hands of a someone who can help you make your dreams of publication come true.

Every Monday, you’ll get a lesson covering that week’s assignment and you’ll email your assignment back to Jennifer at your convenience.

In Week #1, we’ll cover the basics of how fiction acquisitions and book publishing works, and why you need to have a solid query and synopsis even though your manuscript is already written. This background will help you create the right type of query and synopsis for your project. You’ll be asked to investigate your genre and develop an understanding of where your book fits in the market.

In Week #2, we’ll get into the specifics of writing the query, and you’ll receive feedback from the instructor on ways to make your query shine.

In Week #3, we’ll delve into the difficulties of the synopsis – what it needs to do and how it needs to do it. You’ll receive feedback from the instructor on ways to polish your synopsis. You’ll develop two synopses: a one-to-two page brief synopsis and a five-to-seven page fuller synopsis so that you’ll be ready to supply whatever is requested.

In Week #4, you’ll create a submissions plan to keep you on track to find the agent or publisher your book needs. You’ll research your options and come up with a plan that’ll help you deal with rejections instead of letting them set you back.

The four-week class is just $299! Use the Paypal button below, or email jennifer@jenniferlawler.com for more information.

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  1. Jennifer, I was late finding your website about your query letter and a synopsis class. I just found out about the class when I signed up for Sandra Beckwith’s blog a few days ago. Is there any information I can get this late in your class?

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