Summer of Love, Take 2

Sugar and spice

Every now and then my alter egos get into a fight about which one I love the best. Alicia Thorne thinks I cater too much to Jenny Jacobs, Jessica Starre thinks Alicia is kind of a bitch, Jenny thinks Jessica should go back to wherever she came from and let her work in peace. You would think since they all inhabit the same brain they would be all about mutual peace and support. Ha! Mostly they fight over whose turn it is to write a book.

A while back I said, “I notice that all of you like writing books but none of you likes to promote them,” so they put me in charge (still not sure how that happened) and I came up with the idea for the Summer of Love, a book giveaway that I hosted with a bunch of my friends. Although the contest ended in May, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you will get a chance to win in a second-chance drawing for a pile of five print books. If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter, you should so that you don’t miss out on things like that. Also sometimes my daughter Jessica gives away glass but no one ever knows when.

Anyway, Alicia pointed out that as long as I am being all promotional and whatnot I should point out that she has a lovely bundle of books, Pleasure and Passion, available as a Kindle ebook for basically the change that’s in your pocket, so check it out here.

That Alicia got her own bundle annoyed Jenny so much that she made me promise to get her one, so I did. SugarĀ and Spice releases in July, but that photo above is your little sneak peek at the book!


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