The Achilles Project by Jessica Starre

The Achilles ProjectThe Achilles Project by Jessica Starre

Former NYPD detective Meghan McCafferty is finished taking chances. Safety first, that’s her motto these days.  But on a certain Wednesday in March, she happens to walk into the same coffee shop as Marcus Bixil, a man who closes deals for the powerful Kozlova Group.  To her, Marcus is a charming man with quirks.  He makes her forget the importance of staying safe. 


Only after a black-ops government agency tries to permanently retire her does Meghan realize that Marcus isn’t a charming man with quirks: he’s something else entirely.  But what?

Along with her friend Danny Yi, and against adversaries ranging from Marcus’s employer to a freelance operative whose allegiance shifts like sand, Meghan races to discover the secret of Marcus, knowing only that revealing it will protect her – but not knowing the price she’ll have to pay to learn it.

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