Many years ago, when my daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder, her neurologist learned that I was a writer and asked if I would keep a journal of my experiences, something he could share with other families on a like journey, making the hard decisions that parents ofContinue Reading

One of the toughest questions I’m asked by aspiring writers has to do with how I got started in the business — how I got published the first time, how I got published the second time. It’s not that I don’t know the answer, it’s just that I’m not sureContinue Reading

I’ve taught college off and on for many years, usually English and writing classes. I remember a particular student who seemed very lively and intelligent but the essays she turned in were merely competent. She was the typical “C” student. She could string together sentences without committing too many grammaticalContinue Reading

Slowing down is hard to do when everything around you demands that you speed up. You’ll never succeed, you’ll never stay in the game if you don’t hurry up – that’s the message most of us constantly hear. But it’s impossible to focus, to live in the moment and toContinue Reading

Have you ever had the experience where you’re driving home from work and suddenly you’re turning down your street and you don’t even remember getting there? Your mind was so far away that you paid no attention to what you were doing — you were completely on automatic pilot? That’sContinue Reading

When I began writing for a living, I worked crazy hours trying to make ends meet. It seemed like I was working 90 hours a week and I was always broke. Then I realized that I was not applying the principles of bushido to my work, that I had letContinue Reading