Me: No worries, I know a guy, he owes me a favor. I’ll get it taken care of. Friend (not sounding as happy as she should): You know, a lot of people seem to owe you favors. Me: Well, I do something for them, they do something for me. That’sContinue Reading

So I happened to notice this awesome commentary on the hand dryer in the bathroom of my favorite coffee shop, so I took a photo with my phone:   Then I put my phone in my back pocket and walked down to Global Cafe for some lunch. On the way,Continue Reading

If you are in Facebook, you have probable seen this “Polish proverb” (I have no idea where it comes from, and I sort of doubt the authority of someone randomly posting things on Facebook). It has become my new favorite mantra. ### My collection of travel stories, Travels with Jessica,Continue Reading