This is the time of year when everyone else in publishing seems to take the month off and drink a lot of eggnog.  I, on the other hand, always find myself scrambling to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed by the effort.  Partly this is because I’m thinking, “The year isContinue Reading

In the course of any given day, I have lots of conversations with lots of writers.  A consistent theme in the past few months has revolved around “doing the work.”  In fact, it’s become kind of a sign-off mantra with a friend of mine: “Okay, I’m off to Do The Work.”  It can beContinue Reading

You’re probably wondering if I know I have a typo in the title to this blog post.  And indeed, the power of yes might be an interesting post to write someday.  But I really am talking about the power of yet.   The other day, my daughter Jessica and IContinue Reading

Getting through the tough slog of whatever goal you’re trying to achieve can be accomplished if you have enough resolve – grit, determination, single-mindedness, whatever you want to call it.  It isn’t enough to have a goal and a list of steps you’re going to take to get there –Continue Reading