Classes and Coaching for Editors

“[Jennifer’s classes] gave me the confidence to become a developmental editor.” – Crystal Holdefer

All classes are online and asynchronous – you don’t have to be in a particular place at a particular time.

New Mini-Classes!

Mini-Classes are short (in this case, two-week) dives into a particular topic. Great for time-pressed editors who want to quickly solve a problem or learn a new skill. Plus, they’re less expensive than longer classes. All mini-classes are online and asynchronous, so you don’t have to be at a particular time and place to take them.

As a special offer, sign up by December 15th to get the early-bird discount! These classes normally cost $79 but for a limited time you can enroll for $49.

Mini-Class: Getting Editorial Work from Publishers and Packagers

Starting Monday, January 7
Trying to get work from publishers and packagers can feel a little like searching for Yeti. Do freelancers really get work from publishers—even if they don’t know anyone at the company?

Yes. Many freelance editors of all types (developmental editors, copy editors, proofreaders) get some, most, or all of their freelance work from publishers—and you could be one of them. For more information, click here.

Mini-Class: Evaluating Your Effectiveness as an Editor

Starting Monday, January 21
Sure, you’d like to think you’re good at your job, but if you’re a freelancer, you don’t have a boss or coworkers giving feedback about your performance. If you work primarily for indie clients, your clientele may not even know what effective editing looks like. What if there are better ways to do your work?
Click here to learn more.

Developmental Editing Seminar: Problems in Perspective

Starts November 26, 2018!

In this developmental editing seminar, we’ll go beyond the basics of head-hopping to dive deep into problems in perspective. Our focus will be on identifying POV problems and helping the author overcome them. (4-week class, online, $149.) For more information, click here.

Self-Paced Copyediting/Line Editing for Fiction

Class opens November 26, 2018

This six-lesson, online, self-paced class is designed for newer freelance editors who edit or hope to edit indie novelists or who want to work with fiction publishers.  Most information about copyediting/line editing is designed with nonfiction in mind, but fiction and nonfiction are edited in very different ways, particularly at the sentence level. If you would like to sharpen your fiction editing skills, this is the class for you. Immediate feedback is provided through answer keys for each assignment. More details here. Cost is just $59!

Self-Paced Developmental Editing for Nonfiction

New! Start anytime!

This eight-lesson class covers the basics of performing developmental editing on nonfiction writing (shorter-length and book-length).

Immediate feedback is provided through answer keys for each assignment. More details here. Cost is just $59!

Individual Mentoring for Editors

If you’re struggling with an editing-related problem, I may be able to help. Just drop me a line at stating your main concern. If you don’t know what your main concern is, that’s fine, too! Just reach out.

I’ll respond with some potential ways we can address your needs along with time and cost estimates. Mentoring can be done by phone or email.

I can offer personal feedback on all aspects of developmental editing, including as manuscript assessment, building your business, effective client communication, and more. I also review manuscript edits and revision letters and give feedback.

“I had several a-ha moments while reading Jennifer’s thorough, clear-eyed editing critique. I came away with concrete, actionable advice that I have already started using with my current project. Jennifer’s critique will make me a better – and more confident – developmental editor.” – Kristen Tate