Starts November 26, 2018

Four weeks – online! Attend in your bunny slippers!

In this developmental editing seminar, we’ll go beyond the basics of head-hopping to dive deep into problems in perspective.

We’ll cover the possibilities and limits of various narrative points-of-view. We’ll suss out how other developmental problems are related to POV, such as character development.

We’ll go past simple distinctions such as first versus third to dive into close third versus omniscient third versus limited third versus multiple third (Wait! Aren’t there only two ways to write third person?)

We’ll take a look at how narrator POV and character POV interconnect, and probably agree to disagree about a lot of things.

We’ll view some odd birds, like second person and objective narrators and unreliable narrators, dissecting how they work, when they work, and how to fix them when they don’t.

And we’ll do all of this with an eye towards spotting POV problems in our clients’ manuscripts and delivering workable solutions for writers with a wide range of abilities.

This four-week online class will have an asynchronous discussion component so that students can discuss lesson material and assignments with each other and the instructor.

The class is $149.00. Please use the Paypal button below, or if your browser doesn’t like it, feel free to Paypal $149.00 to me at (don’t forget to include your email address so I can get in touch with you). If you would prefer to pay by some other means, please let me know at the above email address and we’ll work it out.