Dojo Wisdom returns!

I’m looking at the galley of Dojo Wisdom, which has been out of print for a couple of years. So, yes, the fact that I have a galley in front of me means Dojo Wisdom will soon be back in print.

Wish Publishing, the intrepid small publisher that has published a number of my martial arts books, has agreed to bring Dojo Wisdom back to life this fall.

I am so excited! Of all the nonfiction books I’ve written, Dojo Wisdom is my favorite, and it is the one that has resonated most with readers. I still get letters every week from people who have read the book or are reading it, and I have wanted it to be back in print for a long time.

Earlier this year, I had a “D’oh” moment when I realized that Wish Publishing could be the perfect home for a reissued edition of the book, and fortunately they agreed!

I will post more information as I get it, but just wanted to share my good news!


  1. Congratulations Jennifer! I feel as if I have been living under a rock for years, due to the fact that I just recently brought back daily reading habits into my life, *snorts–I can't WAIT to read your book! I have always heard great things about it, and I have added it to my "Must Read" list. 🙂

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