For Beta Readers and Critique Partners

One of my favorite stories is the one that goes, “Someday everything in my life will calm down and I will finally get a chance to [fill in the blank].” 

It would probably help to calm things down if I didn’t keep moving from city to city, but I always think I have a good reason for doing it. I mean, I moved to Los Angeles two years ago because it had been a dream of mine for a long time and I’d finally reached a stage in life where it was reasonable to go. Then I moved to Palm Springs because it’s still southern(ish) California, but a lot less expensive than LA.

This summer I moved back to LA because I missed LA and hated Palm Springs (sorry, Palm Springs).

So my new plan is to stop moving so that things can calm down.

But in case they don’t, I’ve decided I’m going to [fill in the blank] even if things aren’t calm, and this week, that means starting a project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. That project is a way to make it easier for beta readers and critique partners to connect with each other. I’m asked for leads to beta readers and critique partners a lot and I’m hoping that creating a home for all of us will help.

How it works: if you are seeking a critique partner, need someone to beta read your manuscript (fiction, memoir, or nonfiction, doesn’t matter), or would like to offer beta reads to others, please register for the forum on Club Ed (the business I run for developmental editors). To do so, click here and add the forum to your cart and checkout. (There’s no charge, this is just how you register). You’ll get a username and password. Once you’ve done that, log on to the Club Ed site (log-in prompts can be found in the sidebar and/or footer). Below the log-in prompt, a link to a page called Beta Reads + Critique Partners will appear. Click that link. From the page you’re brought to, click the forum link on the right and you’re in.

Joining and using the forum is completely free.

Please use your real name (no anonymous posting) and read the forum rules and recommendations before beginning. And email me at jennifer at jenniferlawler dot com if you have any questions!

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