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Miranda Darrow

I’m late. Sorry.
1. What are some of the things you expect when you read a romance? Why do you/readers read romance?
I expect to see two (or more) people find a mutually satisfying relationship. I read romance because life is hard enough, and I love happy endings. I also write romance because if I’m going to have characters in my brain for long enough to write a novel, I want them to end up happy.

2. What sub-genres of romance have you read (e.g., paranormal, romantic suspense)? What are some similarities that you’ve noticed among the various novels in the sub-genres you’ve read?
I’ve read probably all sub-genres of romance except Amish / faith-based. Not that I’m opposed to those, but they haven’t really appealed to me yet, and I don’t have any editing clients who write that.

3. Which common storylines do you most enjoy and why?
I love forced proximity, females in a position of authority/competency porn, road trips, and I’m a sucker for adult virgins for some reason.

4. How can writers find new twists for old classics?
They can invert the tropes, find an inventive new setting, or spin the story from a side character’s POV.