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Jennifer Lawler

Sabrina, I like your point about telling becoming too much when we’re not in the story from the character’s POV. If you think about it, we hardly ever just notice a detail–that the bartender has blue eyes or the cashier has orange hair–without having some other thoughts/judgments attached to it. The bartender’s blue eyes seem not to notice us or seems to be looking over our shoulder or the cashier’s orange hair seems in contrast to her sad mood.

I agree that solid resolutions require the conflict to be resolved in a way that makes the characters face and overcome whatever got them into trouble in the first place! I’ve noticed that sometimes the characters will just abandon an important goal without any sense of internal struggle or character development taking place to explain it. I always find that so unsatisfactory. Love doesn’t erase our goals; it can illuminate what’s important or become more important than the goal, but those are different things!