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Jessie Stratton

Jennifer, that’s perfect! Thank you. Yes, it’s been a bit tricky since I’ve had this ms for a while and basically want a break from it, haha. Because the AU and I never set up a formal contract (I told his partner that I could use the experience), we’ve never talked about moving forward from the DE. I’ve learned a lot from taking this on and know that in the future I would be more explicit when discussing rounds, etc. As it is, I’m a bit nervous because I want to say that any more revision would come at a price (because it’s taken so much time and effort to complete this) but I don’t want it to seem like I’m demanding payment or won’t help him anymore. Any advice on that front? It would be completely different if I’d promised him, for example, two rounds of editing since that’s straightforward. This is just me learning a lesson on how to communicate with AUs from here on out!