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Alex Logsdon

Wow it’s great to hear that you think that about info architecture (which is really just a branch of the broader “info design”) because that’s exactly what I thought when I discovered that dev editing was a thing that existed. It was a big DUH moment. And that’s a great point about people wondering what to do with their love of language- language is definitely my first love but I’m glad I have experience in other mediums too because I’m totally a generalist at heart.

I’m not sure whether I’d prefer fiction or nonfiction, so I’ll definitely check out the NF course to get a sense of what both would entail. I probably get the biggest kick out of making traditionally “boring” or “dense” information interesting (like in history museums), but fiction is where my writing experience is (SF/F and kidlit). I think it’d be useful to try out both and also learn about how the processes differ. Thanks for the heads up about the class!

Seriously, you’ve provided the most useful and practical info/resources that have helped me clarify so much. So, THANKS! Appreciated 🙂