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Nancy Disenhaus

Hi all. I have just started on the DE path in the past year, after decades as an English teacher, and I realized during one of Jennifer’s courses that there is a crucial difference between teaching literature and the DE role of analyzing what a manuscript needs: In the former, I was showing students how every thread of the tapestry tied together, while as a DE I have to be mindful of all the loose threads that interrupt the pattern. But background knowledge has been crucial to me–as a teacher of writing, of course, but also in random subject matter knowledge. The most recent writer to contact me is a “death doula”–a totally new concept to me, but my favorite nonfiction book of the past year was From Here to Eternity, which examines death and burial practices and beliefs in various cultures, and I had also been fascinated by articles about mushroom burial–who knows why, but I was–so the writer found me a perfect fit for her project. Who’d have guessed that particular background knowledge/interest would make me a perfect DE for an author of a YA fantasy novel about death in the Fae world? Ya never know. . . .