Eugenia Lazaris Schluter

Reading this week’s lesson has prompted me to start looking at some book publishers to test the waters and see who I would reach out to with an LOI. My search brought up a few questions about finding the right person to reach out to. The readings suggest to send LOI’s to the Editor-in-Chief, Senior Developmental Editor, or Copy Chief, which is pretty straightforward. But what would be best practice for when there are multiple listings for the same positions? For example – one site lists 2 editor-in-chiefs and four separate executive editors.

Another site lists only publishers or associate publishers, and no editors at all. I wonder if this company just uses different titles or if they don’t bother to list their editors on the website. They’ve all got great bios about what they like to publish, but that doesn’t help me figure out who would be in charging of hiring freelancers.

If any of you can give me some advice on how to approach this, I’d really appreciate it!