Jennifer Lawler

Jeanie, great question. Typically when there are several EICs, they are each responsible for one aspect of the publishing company, usually a specific imprint. Usually it would not be a problem to send an LOI to each, or you can investigate to see which is the EIC of the imprint that you are most a match for. Or you might try sending an LOI to one on one week and an LOI to another a few weeks later, and so on.

For the site that names only publishers, this is probably similar to the EICs, where each has a specific role in the company, over a specific imprint or branch.

You can sometimes use LinkedIn to figure out who does what from how they describe their jobs. The thing is, most of our LOIs will be met with echoing silence, and if we send one to the “wrong” person it’s not as if you will therefore be blacklisted from working with that publisher ever. I’ve had editors share my LOI with someone else at the company they thought could use my skills.

Hope that helps? If you want to share the specific companies, I can take a look and tell you what I think.