Mary Lanham

Hello, all! I’m Mary, and I primarily edit speculative fiction (sci fi, fantasy, and magic realism) and spiritual nonfiction. I do both developmental editing and copyediting, and am pretty equally happy with both of those roles. When it comes to proofreading, though, my brain starts to hurt. I really respect editors who can fully take off their DE and CE hats, but I haven’t learned that knack yet.

This past year I landed my first few paying indie clients, and I really liked working directly with writers. But I’ve found that the marketing grind really drains my energy; this year I want to establish one or two publishing clients so I won’t be as reliant on marketing to individual authors. Of course, there will always be marketing involved with this kind of work! But I think diversifying will really help me get out of that scarcity mode, panic approach to that aspect of my business.

I have an upcoming first gig with a book packager, doing some developmental outline editing for their YA fantasy ghostwriters. My goals for this class are to make sure I’m prepped to really rock my first assignments for this company, and to plan a strategy for pitching myself to some other publishers once I’ve got a few more edits under my belt.

Nice to virtually meet all of you! I always like seeing the diversity of backgrounds and kinds of work in any group of editors.