Mary Lanham

Just sharing some info on how I got a gig from a packager, as a follow-up to my intro post (apologies if this posts more than once, I think the system ate my first attempt):

Luck played a big role, to be honest. The company is Relay Publishing, which is a packager that publishes their own series in several genres. I was contacted by the HR recruiter through my ACES member directory profile; I’m not positive about this, but I think she was looking through the listings for newer editors with experience in a couple target genres. So I’m guessing she found me because of my listed years in business plus keywords from my profile.

To get the job, I provided a sample and was then asked to do an editing test. I just got on their roster last month, so I’ll hopefully be doing some projects this spring.

From what I know at this point, their pay is reasonable but not high (hence maybe looking for more newbie editors). I did some due diligence, and I saw both some good reviews of them from other editors, and a couple not as good ones. But they paid me for the editing test (and promptly, too), which seems like a good sign. They do have a couple active listings right now on their HR page: https://recruitment.relaypub.com/edit-for-relay/

In terms of advice learned, I’d say make sure any directory listings include keywords that reflect specific niches you have experience in, rather than describing yourself as someone who can edit anything. And be ready to share samples of your work. As of yet, none of my paying clients has given me permission to use their content, but I do have a couple practice edits ready to go that I have permission to use.