Eugenia Lazaris Schluter

Hi ladies – I completed the program at UCSD last year and don’t regret it at all. Yes, it was pricey, but my formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology -other than that, I have an obsession with books and reading and thought that editing might be a rewarding career path but didn’t think I had much of a chance breaking into the business without at least some kind of formal training.

The truth is that having the certificate hasn’t directly helped me get work yet but the skills I learned from the program are invaluable. I learned a lot of not only applicable skills but a ton about the business of editing as well which was really helpful in getting me on the right track with planning my freelance business. The program is really rigorous and the course work is very practical and hands-on with great support from the instructors. They also offer a class called “the business of copyediting” which I haven’t taken and isn’t part of the program, but I think that the information from that class can be gathered much cheaper but simply buying the book from the class’s required reading list which you can find on the website.

If you are considering pursing formal training and can afford the program, I say go for it.