Kara Aisenbrey

Hi Aubry!
I agree with both Jennifer Eugenia about the classes being worthwhile, even just to check your own professional development. I’d read and studied a lot about the process of editing, but it was so instructive for me to have a professor to give me feedback about whether my edits were in line with their expectations. Was the tone of my queries working as well as I thought? Was my hand too heavy or too light for a “medium edit”? I had one professor who pointed out usage errors where I didn’t even realize I could have caught things–you just don’t know what you don’t know when you’re studying on your own sometimes. My program did skew almost completely to nonfiction, but at least now I know how to if I decide I want to branch out!

But, as Jennifer suggested, if you don’t want to opt for a certificate, finding a mentor could be a great way to get some of that feedback. I’ve heard good things about CIEP offering mentorship programs for newer editors (I don’t know much about the requirements, though).