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Nancy Disenhaus

Hi Adrienne, this is Nancy in Vermont. I was the one who mentioned the various narrative structure templates and outlines. There are a few I’ve found and like a lot that feature a wealth of posts available online, including Save the Cat, Story Grid, and K.M. Weiland’s many posts (and her 35-page free download). There are books like Story Physics and many others that offer descriptions of (and sometimes prescriptions for) exactly what sorts of scenes doing what jobs in the plot must occur at particular points in a narrative. I find these interesting and possibly useful in looking at plot stretches or scenes that might feel flat, or just for looking at what a plot might be lacking. I don’t really have experience in using these, though. I am a definite newbie, looking for concepts I can use. Following Jennifer’s advice on ways to get experience, I am currently doing a writing coach/developmental editing project with a local high school student at a 75% discount off a typical DE rate (she has written a 200-page YA fantasy novel and is very talented, so it’s a fun project). I really do like working with young writers, so this is probably a good way for me to practice. (And if one of you can put me out of my techno-moron misery and tell me how to upload a photo, I will gladly do that.)