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Jake Nicholls

Thank you, Jennifer, this is really insightful. I hadn’t really thought of looking at potential clients from that angle before and I’m definitely going to make some time to do some serious thinking along those lines.

When thinking about a potential client base, how much do you take into consideration their end goals – e.g. those whose priorities are learning the craft of writing vs. those who are focused on the publishing side of things?

In the section on my website where I explain what developmental editing is, I’ve put the emphasis on ‘the art of storytelling’ and learning to become a better writer as an extra perk of the process of revising a specific manuscript. Someone recently pointed out to me that a lot of authors might be less concerned with that ‘craft’ approach and more focused on the concrete aim of getting traditionally published or making their independently published book successful. In that case, they don’t necessarily want to hear that they aren’t already a better writer, if that makes sense.

I’m considering whether to re-frame my services with this in mind. I’m working my way through your self-paced course on editing query letters, synopses etc., Jennifer, and once I’ve done that and had a bit of practice, those are definitely some lower-cost options that I could add to my services that would tie-in nicely with the ‘boost your chances of getting published’ angle. However, I must admit I am wary of marketing my services too far in the direction of ‘I can help you get accepted by a publisher’ and away from ‘I can help you tell a good story’ – not that these are mutually exclusive, of course, but I don’t want to mislead people or give them the wrong impression of what my services will help them achieve.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, I’d appreciate your input!