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Nancy Disenhaus

Hi Adrienne. It is actually a bit of a story how the work with the high school writer came about. I was a high school English teacher for decades, and a long-ago student of mine, Susannah Noel, is a very accomplished editor and became my editing teacher, having started the Editorial Arts Academy here in Montpelier. (I am now her son’s tutor, in the sort of rich exchange that only happens when you live in the same area for 40 years). Anyway, Susannah met this student writer when the student and her own son were in a play together (yes, this kid writes, acts, and also sings opera). So that was the connection; Susannah didn’t have time to do the DE work for the student and asked me if I would like to take it on as a way to gain experience. I really do like working with young writers, so this is a great way for me to practice this new trade.