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Nancy Disenhaus

Hi, Jake and Jennifer, I have missed this thread, as my normal email has been kaput for several days (woe is I), and I am now using gmail ( in case you want to reach me. (Jennifer, I am still trying to get hooked up with the DE book club and have started Where the Crawdads Sing–such gorgeous language that I am seduced and probably won’t think of anything I would recommend or change; Jake, will you be participating in that starting this Wednesday?) Anyway, I am just now catching up on these posts. Jake, I really like your thinking and would love to see your website; would you share the name? Mine is I managed to cadge three testimonials from the few folks I’ve worked for, and they were very gracious in responding to my request, though it took some persistence for one of them to cough up the goods (my old dissertation advisor, whom I edited several article for a few years ago as a grad student but who is on sabbatical and apparently doesn’t reply to emails all that much these days). Being shy turns out not to be an effective way to get what I want, so my current editing motto is Mitch McConnell’s annoyed comment on Elizabeth Warren’s determination to read aloud during a hearing Coretta Scott King’s letter from 1986, which McConnell somehow found inappropriate: anyway, new motto is “Nevertheless, she persisted.” I am doing book coaching along with the eventual DE with the high school YA fantasy writer I think I mentioned, so I am now reading up on book coaching and planning to learn the ropes. I will definitely ask the student or her faculty advisor for a testimonial at the end of the project. Not sure how impressive mine are so far, but it’s a work in progress, as I am. This job and one other came to me from my local editing teacher/long-ago student here in Montpelier VT. I also went to a book talk last week by a VT author who teaches in the MFA program at Vermont College of Fine Arts, and we had a wonderful convo, after which she asked if I’d be available to edit her next book! I am not betting the farm that this will actually happen, but it was exciting. And for one more idea, I went to the local chapter of the Burlington Writers Workshop, though I was transparent about the fact that I am an editor, not a writer (fraud complex!). It was wonderful hearing the writers discussing several pieces from their perspective, and I chimed in too, which apparently was welcome. I did not give out my card (which I have handed to two people, one of whom is my son), but I did encounter a very successful author there, Laurie Forest, who lives in this area and whom I’d met twice before, once at our VT chapter of the EFA and once on an earlier visit to this writers workshop. She urged me to come again. So there are a couple of ideas for encountering writers who might be looking around to find an editor. So far, very little cold hard cash has resulted, but I am ever hopeful.