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Nancy Disenhaus

Adrienne, your Slack group sounds incredibly helpful and supportive. What a fine idea! I noted a couple of my networking efforts on the Getting Paying Work thread (I hate to think of it that way, for the reasons Jennifer mentioned, but rather as ways I’ve connected with writers and other editors). So far I’ve gone to my VT EFA meetings (twice yearly, but wonderful–met a local publisher, which was cool); gone to local authors’ book talks; gone to another talk by an editor and a president of the Vermont College of Fine Arts; gone to the local writers workshop meeting; and forced myself to reply to at least two or three EFA job postings every week (with zero results in terms of paid work, though a few extended and fun conversations with authors). I had to really force myself the first few times to do these things, but I am giving it my all. Fingers crossed, also eyes, as a beloved cousin once said.