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Nancy Disenhaus

I am so glad to find this thread! I too am just learning how to give useful feedback and how to avoid irrelevant notes. For the high school student fantasy writer I’m working with, so far I’ve noted to her that she might want the two pairs of boy-girl characters to not be so similar, and to think about whether she really wants to be setting up potential romantic pairs; I know this young writer is gender-fluid, and she (or they?) was (were) surprised to learn that reader expectations might create a false impression of her actual intentions with the characters. I’m just hoping I’m on the right track with those comments; I am playing it cautiously as I get to know what she needs (they need) and can absorb. (She is only 15 but hugely talented–but still a beginner.) (Pardon my pronoun struggles–after 37 years of teaching English to high school kids, it is so tough to get out of the habit of pronoun agreement!)