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Jake Nicholls

Hi Nancy, good to hear from you. I am indeed going to be joining in on the DE book club – looking forward to it!

I really like your website, especially all the quotations about writing – I think that’s a great idea! It creates very positive, inspirational vibes around the editing process, which otherwise can seem a bit daunting to a lot of people. If you’d like to look at my website, it’s at It’s a bit bare and grey at the moment, but I’m working (very slowly) on some new graphics behind the scenes, so hopefully in the next month or so I can launch a more colourful site!

It sounds like you’re doing a great job networking and getting to know people. I also struggle with shyness and have so far stuck mainly to online writing groups, but I agree that in-person groups are probably more effective – and generally more sociable, too. I will make it a goal to find a local group and go along, daunting though it is!