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Jacque Hamilton

It also felt like she was trying to prove that she could write poetry. I agreed with Tate that most of it was weak.

The marsh descriptions did start to wear on me as well.

Kya was an exaggerated stereotype of the ‘unworthy of love’ character; beautiful, natural, and in a love triangle with the stereotypical jock and soulful scientist. I felt that her arc was a bit exaggerated, too. It didn’t make a lot of sense for her to go to the hotel with Chase when she’d never been away from home in years except for one short mention of the library in the next town over.

Most of the characters felt sterotypical, even Mama. And a lot of them were sorry for leaving, but it was difficult to feel the regret from them, when head-hopping to their perspective, or what Kya felt about it.