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Mary Lanham

Jumping in a little late here… this is my first forum post, so hello to those I haven’t virtually met yet! I’m currently one of Jennifer’s students in a class trough the Editorial Freelancers Association.

I’m relieved to see these posts, because I have to say, I was pretty shocked this book won a Pulitzer (I think it was the Pulitzer?). The prose is gorgeous, but the narrative itself feels like a mashup of Symbolic Wartime Tropes, right down to the heavy-handed nod to Schindler’s List that comes toward the end of the book. I loved the first third, but then nothing about the narrative ever evolved in an unexpected or interesting way.

When I have this reaction to a much-lauded book, it makes me wonder if I just don’t know as much about stories as I’d like to believe. Does this happen to other people here as well?