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Adrienne Pond

Wednesdays are my LONG days and so I’ll never be able to meet with you all on time. Thank you all for articulating a lot of what has been going through my head about this book. I was initially hooked by the lovely prose and rhythm of his individual sentences and I still am in awe of some of his constructions, but I agree with so much of what you all pointed out.
My biggest takeaway questions are:
Why would an experienced writer (or anyone for that matter) believe that the time jumps between such short chapters would work for story and for readers? I can see that sort of thing happening in initial drafts that were pulled together before publication, but to make it all the way to print surprises me.
What kind of editor doesn’t point all this out? OR is it that the publisher was too in love with the prose to notice anything else and squashed a good editor’s contributions? OR is it that an experienced, previously published author has so much sway in the editing/publishing processes that he/she can override anything a solid editor queries?