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Adrienne Pond

I agree, Jennifer. And I plan to take him up on getting paid. It’s a much bigger project than I originally thought, especially now. But, all that said, I still don’t have a profitable business, nor years of experience doing this full-time, so I need the experience and the testimonial too. Therefore, not charging what a super experienced editor would is in order.

I just found out the former editor is having serious eye problems, which now explains a lot. He voluntarily stepped away because he realized he was not able to do it.
There is quite a bit of inconsistency – as well as major problems – in punctuation/italics, some word choices, numerals, tenses, names. There is very little in the way of developmental editing needed. The ones already completed by the former editor have already gone to the designer. I’ve seen the layout which is quite nice, but it will all have to be redone if I am permitted to re-edit those. I’m not a layout/design expert so maybe that is not a big deal to just delete and re-insert text. I don’t know.

If I am not permitted to re-edit, there will be significant differences in those and the ones I edit. However, the author is a very laid back, easy going guy who listens well and I don’t see him having a problem with my re-editing. The only problem is the required time and inconvenience of it.

Last night, I sent him my first edited profile and asked if this is what he is looking for. If not, let’s talk about it and readjust my approach. I also said I would send him a separate email on some observations about the previously edited ones. I’ve not sent that yet. I am thinking to send him a couple of them, with no editing but with highlighted areas that need editing (and with explanations as to why). All of it is defensible and it will no doubt bum him out, but I doubt he will question it. Does that seem okay – to send a copy with highlighted areas and explanations about why they need to be addressed?