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Jennifer Lawler

Rachel, I did feel that I wanted more from the story/storytelling but I definitely enjoyed this one more than others we’ve read recently! I think Marina is essentially a passive character so it’s hard to say that she’s grown or changed or even that she was offered growth/change but refused it, so at the end I was left with a meh feeling of “what was that about?” I mean, Anders is eventually revealed to be at heart a selfish man, but at least he has more energy and drive than Marina ever does.

I feel like one part of the story, Marina coming to terms with what she gave up when she left obstetrics after her “mistake,” had a lot of promise but ultimately was too muddled. She gives up surgery and then in the rain forest suddenly does a bunch of surgeries successfully and then . . . what? Who cares? What does any of it mean?

So it was a bit of a cipher for me. But it did carry me along and entertain me, so I didn’t hate it.