New Class starts April 13th, 2009. For many writers and experts who’d like to write a nonfiction book, putting together the book proposal is the most intimidating – yet most important – part of the process. Veteran book author Jennifer Lawler (that’s me!) offers a six-week e-course that will walkContinue Reading

Writing yesterday’s post got me to thinking about what happens when it’s time to sell the book of your heart.  Most of us write because we want to put our words in front of readers, so it’s discouraging when the manuscript sits in the trunk in your attic or languishes onContinue Reading

In the recent issue of a members-only magazine (thus no link here), a writer suggests that because the down economy has affected book publishing as it has affected the entire universe, editors are becoming more conservative and writers should write with an eye toward what the market wants (i.e., theContinue Reading