Tell me about your second acts

One of the things I love about being my age is feeling that anything is possible again.  I went through a period where this stopped feeling true, but when you reach a certain time in your life, you stop focusing on all the reasons you can’t do something and figure out how you can do it.  For me, it was finally putting real effort into my fiction writing, even if it meant giving up some other things I liked about my lifestyle.  Other people have started new lives in distant cities they’ve always wanted to live in, gone back to school to study something that has always interested them — the possibilities are endless. 

I’m interested in hearing from (and about) people who have taken a look at their lives and re-envisioned them, maybe moving into a different career or changing their lifestyle.  If this is you, drop me a line at dakotaandtaz at gmail dot com.  I would love to hear from you!

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  1. went from being a pretty well paid psychologist to a starving novelist. I'm waiting for the third act: bestsellers every year, fame, wealth, new jeans…

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