6 Steps for the Time-Crunched

We’re heading into one of those times of years where there are more demands on my time than time to deal with them. But as ever, I have a solution to my time-crunch problem. I just have to dig it out and remember what it is.

  1. Step back. I ask myself, “What are you doing, why are you doing it, what fills up your day?”
  2. I figure out what I can drop, which is usually the least rewarding thing, like cleaning my house.
  3. I ask myself, “What can you hire out/get help with?”
  4. I try to become more aware of what’s wasting my time. For example, spending the morning surfing the web when I should be finishing a proposal.
  5. I schedule the time. Whatever is important needs to be put on the calendar.
  6. I consolidate. For example, my daughter is off school and wants to spend time with me. I have errands that I need to run. I have a friend I haven’t seen in a while. So, my daughter and I will meet a friend for ice cream while we’re out running errands. Mission(s) accomplished.

What are strategies you use to help when you’re time-crunched? Tell me in the comments!


  1. You haven’t written in awhile and I’m concerned. I hope everything is alright. When you disappear for a few days we miss you.

  2. Jonny, thank you for your concern! I am sorry to make you worry (and touched that you are). Things have been a bit topsy-turvy here, but I should be back on a more frequent posting basis soon!


  3. As for me I select the most important matters from the list)

    Jennifer, I’ve sent you a letter. Hope, it got through anti-spam filters))

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