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The Seeker

Lucinda was once separated from her lover, Lord Stephen, by his status. Now they’re separated by hers. She’s the human aspect of a god, a burden she never wished to assume. But her agreement with the god Sophia has yielded one worthwhile result: her sister Bertha is no longer a hostage.

When Lucinda undertakes a journey to bring Bertha home and to reunite with Stephen, she quickly realizes neither will be a simple task. The gods don’t want Bertha to survive. Nor do they want Lucinda to find her way back to her lover.

With Simon, Stephen’s knight, and Meretropia, the queen’s sorcerer, Lucinda must discover why the gods are against her while making her way through the snares they have set, all in order to fulfill her heart’s desire.

But dreams come at a cost. Lucinda is determined to pay it—until she finds out what it is.

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