Paranormal Romance

Once upon a time, I was a romance novelist. Most of those novels are out of print, but these two are my favorite, and so I keep ’em around. I hope you enjoy them!

Lessons in Magic

Everyone in the small town of Bridge Haven, Missouri, knows that the not-so-dearly-departed Edna Bixley was a witch. Except her niece, Phoebe Cabot, who has never paid the gossips any mind. Since she was just let go from her job (“fired” sounds so harsh), Phoebe has agreed to get Edna’s house ready to put on the market.

When a sweet little stray dog shows up, Phoebe has no idea that it’s actually a demon. Or that she’s the one who inadvertently released it from its magical confinement.

But Noah Rossi knows, and he’s determined to stop Phoebe’s meddling in matters she doesn’t understand. The trouble is, Phoebe can’t seem to stop summoning demons. What can one extremely sexy but slightly in over his head wizard do to keep her from accidentally destroying the universe?

A Certain Kind of Magic

When NYPD police detective Morgan Reilly discovers the lamp and frees the djinn, she thinks she’s hallucinating. After all, she’s just back on the job after a high-speed chase left her with a head injury, and it’s not the first visual hallucination she’s had since the auto accident.

But freeing the djinn brings Mere, an exiled merman, charging into her life. He and his sidekick, Lynell, an elf, failed in their duty to protect a dragon’s hoard and must get it back.

Because Morgan can see him and interact with him although other humans can’t, Mere enlists her help in finding the hoard before the human sorcerer into whose hands it has fallen can learn its deadly secrets.

But first he has to convince her that he’s real.