A short interlude

I ordinarily post something substantial here Monday through Friday and a short light-hearted piece on Saturdays.  But today I spent the entire day from approximately just after dawn until 3:30 pm at the car shop getting the writer-mobile repaired.  My sidekick (daughter Jessica) was with me, so the day wasn’t a total loss, and we had the opportunity to drink many carbonated beverages and “have a conversation” which is my kiddo’s favorite thing in the whole universe (she’s only 11 and is still under the impression that I’m an interesting person.  Informed authorities tell me this will change on her 13th birthday.) 

At any rate, now I must return all the emails and phone calls that piled up in my absence, which means I’m not going to post anything constructive today.  Except to say that even unexpected setbacks (like spending the day listening to people dropping wrenches) can have unexpected results.  The kiddo thinks we had a lot of fun, and she thinks I totally rock for spending the whole day with her, so that’s pretty awesome.  Even if I will be working until dawn trying to catch up.